Banana Boats

Banana Boats is the second world of Food Fight. It contains levels 11 to 25. It is the second world of Fruity Fields.


Before: A banana is upset because his boat won't work.

After: Apple launches ice cream onto the boat, creating a banana split. The boat works, and the banana is happy.


Banana Boats contains levels 11 to 25.

  1. 11: Ice Cream
  2. 12: Ice Cream
  3. 13: Ice Cream
  4. 14: Gelatin
  5. 15: Gelatin
  6. 16: Ice Cream
  7. 17: Gelatin
  8. 18: Gelatin
  9. 19: Ice Cream
  10. 20: Timer
  11. 21: Gelatin
  12. 22: Gelatin
  13. 23: Ice Cream
  14. 24: Gelatin
  15. 25: Ice Cream

New Things

Ice Cream: An ingredient.

Carrots: One-layer icing.

Timers: Timed levels.


Strawberry Sailor



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