Apple Airport

Apple Airport is the 5th episode in Candy Crush Emma The campion title is Apple Pilot


Before Episode: 
The Mummy is traveling with Tiffi. He says he wants to go home.

After Episode: A plane lands and says: The plane to Steam Fry Savannah will be leaving shortly, the mummy is overjoyed and hops on the plane


This episode is generally easy, but contains a new level type. Candy Order Levels. 

Hardest Level: 64

Easiest Level: 55

Oddly enough, this episode has no ingridients levels. Or timed levels

Level Number Level Type Level Goals Difficulty
51 Moves 10,000 points in 30 moves Easy
52 Order 30 yellow 30 blue in 35 moves Medium
53 Order 99 blue in 30 moves Medium
54 Order 10 striped candies in 30 moves Very Hard
55 Moves 15,000 points in 50 moves Very Easy
56 Jelly 23 single jellies and 23 double jellies in 30 moves Medium
57 Jelly 72 double jellies in 55 moves Medium
58 Jelly 34 double jellies in 25 moves Hard
59 Moves 50,000 points in 50 moves Medium
60 Jelly 73 single jellies and 1 double jelly in 20 moves Easy
61 Jelly 30 double jellies in 50 moves Medium
62 Order 99 yellow 99 green in 55 moves Medium
63 Order 1 wrapped + wrapped combo in 30 moves Considerably Easy
64 Order 7 striped+striped combos in 50 moves

Insanely Hard

65 Moves 10,000 points in 20 moves Medium

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