Episode 48 - Almond Airport

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 48

Almond Airport is the forty eighth episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga and the third episode in the last world.


Before Episode

Tiffi enters into the terminal. She dont know where The Bubblegum Troll. Tiffi saks people where The Bubblegum Troll and they don't know. Then Tiffi is sad.

After Episode

A security guard comes to Tiffi and asks her: "Is something happened?". Tiffi says: "I don't know where The Bubblegum Troll lives. I asked people in the terminal and they don't know". The security guard says: "The pink gummy monster that ruins everything in this world?" Tiffi says: "Yes". The security guard says: "He lives in the Hazelnut Hideout". Then Tiffi is happy and says to the security guard: "Thanks!". Later Tiffi goes to her flight.

New Things

  • N/A


A Moves levels appears again only for this episode.

Easiest Level: Level 944

Hardest Level: Level 950

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 941 Jelly  Hard
Level 942 Ingredients Medium
Level 943 Timed Insanely Hard
Level 944 Candy Order Easy
Level 945 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 946 Blockers Hard
Level 947 Jelly Very Hard
Level 948 Ingredients Easy
Level 949 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 950 Jelly Insanely Hard
Level 951 Candy Order Medium
Level 952 Candy Order Very Hard
Level 953 Ingredients Considerably Easy
Level 954 Jelly Hard
Level 955 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 956 Moves Insanely Hard
Level 957 Ingredients Very Hard
Level 958 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 959 Reverse Order Hard
Level 960 Jelly Hard

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