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Oxford or Κορα Πάρμα is one of the fanons made by HM100. Currently, it is hold into Κορα 72. As of 8 March 2017, the game escaped from Κορα 70 Series. Runs at 800x600

Level types

  • Oxford levels
    • Get the one star score
  • Juice levels
    • Bring juice up to collect the straws
  • Amanda levels
    • Spread the Amanda everywhere
  • Candy Order levels
    • Collect the orders
  • Amanda Order levels
    • Spread the Amanda everywhere and collect the orders


Specifications is like Scrash but with Moma Font and all fonts are 3x


  • There're 60 known levels in Oxford

Block Town

There're 10 known levels. 5 Oxford levels and 5 Amanda levels.

Pacman's Park

There're 15 known levels. 10 Juice levels and 5 Amanda levels.

Sandbox Land

There're 15 known levels. 5 Candy Order levels, 5 Juice levels and 5 Amanda levels.


Final World

This is like the Power Rangers Super Megaforce

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