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Super Saga Ep115

Super Saga Ep115 Bg

Episode 115
Levels 1081 - 1130
Released 12 February 2017
Difficulty Uncounted
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Episode 104 Κορε ΙΙ



New to this Episode

Part A

  • Blocker levels icon 2 in Episode Opener (Level 1K81)
  • Green Swirl Canon (Level 1K82)
  • Chameleon/WhiteSwirl Canon (Level 1K84)
  • Soda levels without bottles, soda and bottle canon (Level 1K85)[1]
  • Olaf (Level 1K88)[2]
  • Large Strawberry Tornado (Level 1K89)[3]
  • Quintuple Swirl Canon (Level 1K92)[4]
  • Locked Green Swirl (Level 1K92)
  • Chameleon/Double Swirl Canon (Level 1K94)
  • Jam canon (Level 1K98)[5]
  • Inverted Olaf (Level 1.1K2)

Part B

  • Grayscale UFO (Level 1.1K6)[6]
  • UFO/Gold Wheel Canon (Level 1.1K10)
  • Gray UFO Canon (Level 1.1K20)


  1. Luck Candy Canons can severe as alternative solution
  2. See here to learn how it works
  3. In the past episode, we saw strawberry tornado. This one is twice as much and can only be cleared by fishes and fire candies like its normal variant since no strawberry candies exist here
  4. Can spawn all 5 kinds of swirls)
  5. This canon will have possibility to spawn the elements in that canon with jam
  6. Spawns 3 colorbombs and detonates them


This episode will contain levels 1081-1130

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Chocolate levels Jam icon M72 Clearing Logo Icing levels icon Mixed Level Bubblegum Icon CCJS Cereal level type Soda Icon M72 Reverse Order Logo Bubble Icon Sugar Candy Icon Pipeline Level Icon Blocker levels icon 2 Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha) Honey icon M72 Boss Logo
3 3 2 2 5 0 3 1 5 21 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Easy :
Hard :
Funny :

None | Very Easy | Easy | Somewhat Easy | Medium | Somewhat Hard | Hard | Very Hard | Insanely Hard | Nearly Impossible | Impossibly Hard | Variable| Impossible

Jelly IconIngredients Icon Ingredients IconChocolate levels Ingredients IconJam icon Icing levels iconChocolate levels M72 Clearing LogoJelly Icon CCJS Cereal level typeIngredients Icon Bubblegum IconIngredients Icon Icing levels iconCandy Order Icon Ingredients IconCandy Order Icon Soda IconCandy Order Icon Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)Candy Order Icon Candy Order IconChocolate levelsIcing levels icon Jam iconChocolate levelsIcing levels icon Jam iconIngredients IconIcing levels icon CCJS Cereal level typeIngredients IconCandy Order Icon Jelly IconCandy Order IconIcing levels icon Jam iconCandy Order IconIcing levels icon Honey iconCandy Order IconJam icon Candy Order IconIcing levels iconCCJS Cereal level typeSoda Icon Jelly IconIngredients IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Jam iconIngredients IconCandy Order IconIcing levels icon
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1
Ingredients IconTimed Icon Candy Order IconTimed Icon Jam iconTimed Icon Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)Timed Icon Ingredients IconCandy Order IconTimed Icon Soda IconCandy Order IconTimed Icon Jelly IconCandy Order IconTimed Icon Jelly IconIngredients IconCandy Order IconTimed Icon
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Green Blue Orange
Green Blue Orange Purple
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple Cyan
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple Cyan DarkPurple
4 11 26 3 3 3
8% 22% 52% 6% 6% 6%
Level Type Moves Target score Candy Colors Goal Anti-Order
1081 Blocker levels icon 2 35 50000 4 Remove all blockers

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